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I love the outdoors so much , so i enjoy fishing,camping,hunting,walking,jogging,hiking .I also do kayaking,surfing and sailing.I am a down to earth woman who is loving and kind , i mingle with all manners of persons irrespective of their social status or class.I have a great sense of humor and i can make you laugh till you forget your name.I always stand for what is right and true ,i am a woman of virtue and high standards and i do not settle for less or mediocrity ,i always strive for the best and gold.I live by principles that has guided me all over this years and has made me the woman i am to day.I love to donate to the poor and needy in society ,i also do love volunteering.It is my desire that all humanity shall love one another and peace shall reign forever and ever in this our pretty world,i am looking for a kind and honest woman who has a big heart and is caring ,kind and loving.I want someone who is open minded and is ready to try new things and take a risk.
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