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31 years old
19.8.1988 (Leo)
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Seeking:I Want To Be Someone Who Can Give Immense Happiness To The Person In Front Of Me, And Not Even A Timge Of Hurt. People Behave So Recklessly , Not At All Thinking About The Other Person… They Don't Pay Attention To What They're Saying And What Effect It (seeking)
Height:170cm / 5 ft 6 ins
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About me:
Reading, I read read read. Cycling , hiking ( I used to live in BC where you just Have to) and swimming.
I watch very little to no TV. I hate shopping . I love coloring books , I just got a bunch of new ones and pencils to match. I used to crochet and knit a lot. I sew. I like sitting at the waterfront with my headphones on and blasting classical music through my skull. And now I've started a project . That's a hobby now too. Until it grows up.
Of late, I have garnered courage to define myself, fight back all inexplicable fears of mine and being vocal for things that matter. I’ve learned to address my innate qualities and to be a bit bold- all unlike the shy girl I was before. I am constantly absorbing multiple things; and I appreciate the learner me, the explorer me and the curious me!
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