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30.9.1989 (Libra)
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I'm not on this site expecting much, but it was recommended to me as a way to find men who are in high-powered career situations but are looking to switch things around for their personal life. I am looking for a relationship. More details and writings on FL- ask me for my username.

I have a masters degree and all my student loans are paid off. I am not currently making a paycheck, but I am comfortable and not looking for money. What guys expect to buy for women on this site seems silly anyway. Sure I could appreciate a nice handbag or pair of shoes, but lets sit down and talk VR-capable graphics/processing PCs.

*leans in as you whisper in my ear*
Now THAT'S y.

About me- vanilla life:
I love to read. Reading is possibly the only non-survival activity I am guaranteed to do every single day. That being said, I'm afraid I don't know too much about any classics- my taste is pretty trash. Lots of smut!

I'm a huge nerd. I love video games, cartoons (anime), and Harry Potter. I have a day job as the technical founder of a startup, but secretly aspire to be an independent game developer.

I love my family. My mom is my best friend and I am very dedicated to my little brother, who has a learning disability. They live very near me and we see each other regularly.

About me- kinky life:
I identify as dominant. I do not have much experience (or any at all) but I know what my preferences are. If woman-on-top is out of your league, don't even bother.

I consider myself to be a romantic (all that reading), and privately hope to eventually find my one-true-sub. I am young, though, and don't want to limit myself.

Notes: Do not call me baby. I will viciously mock any 50 Shades references.
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